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March 9, 2015
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April 23, 2015


An integral part of higher levels of T’ai Chi training is the introduction of weapons forms. Among the standard weapons taught in Chen T’ai Chi: straight sword, broadsword, fan, staff (or short staff) as well as others. Each style focuses on different weapons, however, these few are usually seen in each style.
The purpose of training with weapons is that each weapon trains different qualities necessary in developing an overall T’ai Chi “physique”. This not only refers to the body, but the mental training as well. Overall, weapons training helps to move one’s energy out of the self and into the weapon. This stretches our energy and makes us better T’ai Chi practitioners capable of reaching higher skill levels.
Seminars will be held periodically to introduce concepts and forms of various weapons. All students will be allowed to participate in any seminar they choose.

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