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Westwindtaichi was started with just one aim in mind to promote the martial art form. The sole goal is to do something for the martial art community. Some of the exciting things you can find on our website are information on Tai Chi, kids Tai Chi, best Tai Chi classes in India and a whole lot of blog activities to keep you busy. There is a lot of news on martial art and how it helps both in self-defense and promoting your health. Our ultimate goal is to increase the effectiveness of the training and inspire people to achieve their wellness goal.

The real idea is to exchange ideas from different practitioners across the globe. We do a lot of things here. You are welcome to give your feedback on our comments section, share your insights and experience with your friends on social media site. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by giving us your email id. We send all information about Tai Chi courses, seminars, and other related information right to your inbox. Moreover, we encourage users to join us on social media through the links available at the bottom of the page. Every post on the website comes with a share link, and you are free to share the post with your near and dear.

The website is created for the benefit of those who want to know more about Tai Chi and where you can find the best training in Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru.


Our Partners

Taichi Spa and Sports Spa Partner in India

Our Sports Spa Partner have been guiding and supporting us in a big way. Sports massage helps you build muscle mass and gain flexibility by improving blood circulation to different parts of the body. Sports injuries are cured with an orthopaedic massage at their spa centre. Physiotherapists have detailed knowledge on the different techniques to be used for different sports injuries. Martial arts enthusiasts can relieve calf pain and other aches and ailments with specially customised sports massage therapies.

Three Blue Wavy Lines with a beautiful yellow flower that depicts the Spa Text inside the Black Circle, The Riverday Spa's Logo, Text Mentioned.

A Rectangular Box In White And Red Shades, The Nantech Power System Priavte System's Logo, Text And ISI Certified Company Mentioned.

Our Power & Logistics Partner In India

Taichi Events are conducted without any power related glitches, thanks to our Power & Logistics Partner, who manage the events with their range of Online UPS, Line Interactive UPS, Inverters, Servo Stabilizers, Power Factor Controllers and CVT. Their advanced line of electrical equipment that they offer is used extensively for the events.

Our Event Planners & Tickets Management Company

Our Event Planners & Tickets Management Company, being the premium provider of quality event experiences. They go the extra mile and provide innovative, creative and personalised services with a professional touch. For Taichi events, ticket management is taking care by the Kiyoh Team.

Bright Red And Yellow Color Combination In The Company Logo Tells Us The Creative Planning And Execution Service By Events Planners

Logo Designed in Dark Orange and Blue Color that resembles 'a' of Anderson Diagnostics and Labs, Text also Mentioned.

Health & Diagnostics Partner in India

Our Health & Diagnostics Partner In India, bring cutting-edge technology in clinical diagnostics with the aim to improving healthcare outcomes. Martial arts improves physical stamina and is a great way to attain physical fitness. It also involves wear and tear of muscles, that needs immediate medical care. Proper medical diagnosis makes way for further course of action and our partners are pioneers in diagnostics.

Our Venue Partners

Our Venue Partners, Chennai Convention Centre is one of the preferred venues for conducting Taichi Events. The hall retains its brand-new look which adds charm, elegance and sophistication to any event hosted here. They also cater to every kind of social gathering. Chennai Convention Centre is your one-stop destination to conduct Taichi event with perfection that exceeds expectations! They take constant efforts in providing the best in class services.

Logo designed in golden color, three c's defining the Chennai Convention Centre, enclosed within the other, and a crown over it depicting the best venue for occasions.