How music classes can help to enhance your child’s reading skills?

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May 15, 2018

How music classes can help to enhance your child’s reading skills?

Neuroscience has discovered the relationship between language and music acquisition. When children learn music in their early years, they could easily obtain the reading skills.

Language, brain and the music

Language development and music processing share an overlying connection in the brain. The human brain starts to process music before the development of language and it helps in processing to learn and create language. Babies could understand the language when it is in form of music. They start to respond to melody and rhythm of the language and learn what each word mean. Young children and babies copy the language they are hearing through the elements of melody and rhythm. It is the reason we love to hear the sing-song style in toddler’s speech.

Vocal music classes in Nanganallur trains your child to remain as better readers

The basis of reading is dialogue. When a child learns to speak, they should be able to differentiate speech from other sounds. It is possible by learning music. Reading involves learning the meaning of words on each page. Several skills combine to develop those meanings comprising with the ability to fluency of reading and distinguishing between sounds and words.

Fluency involves the talent to modify the intonation of expression and patterns of stress like angry to happy and the talent to select the right inflection like an exclamation or question. Such highly developed acoustic processing skills are improved through musical training. When a child is musically trained, he/she can have excellent reading and comprehension skills. Music also gives an idea of how the child struggle with reading.

How parents and teachers can help the child?

Language learning begins from the first day of a child’s life especially when parents sing or talk to babies. The babies can bond with community and parents easily through their voice. By singing, the baby develops a bond and engrosses auditory processing network.

By taking toddlers to high quality and well-structured music classes every week, it is possible to develop the music skills that remains effective in developing their reading skills. It is necessary to look for classes that involve singing, movement activities, responding to both silence and sound. The children should be taught using good quality music creating instruments and toys. When they enter into preschool, it would a challenging phase of language development. It is necessary to join them in well-structured music programs that are taught by qualified educators


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    I am a music teacher, and I have heard several positive reviews about Music classes in Nanganallur. I have personally seen the development of kids when attending music classes regularly. It is true that musicians excel in various fields. One of my students who play the piano is very good at Maths skills. She is also good with her language skills. I firmly believe that music education is a strong base for her success. I would recommend everyone to enroll their kids in western music class Nanganallur. Indeed a useful post worth sharing to others. Thank you

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