Taichi in Bangalore

Taichi in Bangalore – A Complete Guide to Gain Inner Peace

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art, which is elegant, meditative and represented systematically by slow and flexing circular moves with body balance. This martial art was established more than 300 years ago in China. Today, many fitness professionals are taking up Tai Chi moves and redesigning many workout sessions. Most importantly, youngsters are starting to find this art as an essential workout for body, mind and the soul.

Tai Chi does not have any age restriction and involves those who suffer from health issues such as physically challenged people who are bound to a wheelchair. This art could be done at any time that fits the lifestyle. It motivates self-care abilities and enhances the thoughts towards spirituality. It improves the overall health enhancing body movement and respiration. It decreases anxiety, tension, and harsh stress. It also increases the bone stability which helps senior people to avoid slipping.

Different kinds of Tai Chi

  • Yang – Tai Chi – This style is done by alternating and mixing fast and slow moves. It could be hard because of the difficult moves that require proper brain and body coordination.
  • Wu Tai Chi – this style is referred as third generation method which was derived from Yang Tai Chi.
  • Combination Tai Chi – this method is a combination of unique Tai Chi moves that are inspired by other extraordinary martial arts.
  • Hao – This style is not very popular as the other styles of Tai Chi

Benefits of Practising Tai Chi

Improves Confidence to Manage Life Situations: Posture is also one of the most important aspects of health, Tai Chi improves the posture and enhances the health of the body. It also strengthens muscles at the back. A research study shows that Tai Chi is more beneficial for people who have Parkinson’s illness.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress: The way you respond to stress could be changed by practicing Tai Chi daily. By slow inhaling and exhaling, the movements soothe the senses and calm down the brain. This is referred as the best workout for the current lifestyles.

Your Overall Health Care Regimen: The rhythmic, gentle, soft moves of Tai Chi helps to build bone strength, stamina, improve immunity in the body. Tai Chi also improves respiratory, circulatory, digestive system and other functions of the body.

Taichi in Bangalore

The following are some of the institutes that teach Tai Chi in Bangalore.

  • Vital Force Taichi Academy (VFTA)

The most famous Taichi Institute in Bangalore was established in 1998. Started by Cicily Thomas, the institute was earlier called as Force Vitale. For the past 20 years, the academy has improved many people’s lives by training them in Tai Chi. They have four training centers in the city. They also educate people about Tai Chi for corporate and schools as well.

  • Dev Academy

Dev Academy is located near Rail Wheel Factory Bangalore. This martial art academy teaches Tai Chi along with other martial arts such as Karate classes, etc.

  • Aksobha

Akshobha is a wellness company located in Harlur – Bangalore. The company deals with Tai Chi classes, yoga classes, and other wellness programs.

  • Champions Academy

This academy is located in BTM Layout in Bangalore. Champions Academy teaches Tai Chi and other martial arts like Kung Fu, Karate, etc.