Uniform and Etiquette

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February 19, 2015
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Uniform and Etiquette

Most Martial Arts require that a uniform be worn when students are in class or at class events. A uniform allows you to step out of your daily routine and into a more meditative state which allows you to focus more fully on the movements and meditations of T’ai Chi.
The traditional T’ai Chi uniform is a black cotton button-down style jacket and pants. Today, black t-shirts are also acceptable. Originally peasants wore black because it was more affordable and easier to maintain. Today we wear black as a symbol of humility.
Always bow when entering or leaving the studio training floor. Likewise, bow to your Instructor at the beginning and end of class. This is similar to shaking hands and is a sign of respect.
Remove shoes before entering the training floor. In the Eastern culture, this is seen as a sign of a visitor’s respect and humility upon entering another’s “house” and also promotes proper cleanliness in the studio.
Be on time to class. If you arrive late, wait for the instructor to acknowledge you before joining the class, then move quietly to the rear of the class.
Always refer to your Instructors by their appropriate title: Ms., Mr. or Miss.
Food and drinks are not allowed in the training space. Do not chew gum or smoke in the studio. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted at the studio.
Always wear your uniform to all classes and studio functions. Your uniform is a reflection of you and should always be clean and presentable. T-shirts are to be worn under uniform top.
At all times, give your best effort and maintain self control.

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