Get To Know How Tai Chi Helps In Healing Knee Arthritis!

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February 28, 2018
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March 7, 2018

Get To Know How Tai Chi Helps In Healing Knee Arthritis!

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of the best ancient therapy by the Chinese experts. It is found to be extremely useful in treating anxiety issues and stress problems. It is proved to be equally effective as the physical therapies suggested for people suffering from knee osteoarthritis. Scans at diagnostic services have revealed that Tai Chi practices have positive impacts in improving one’s health. The Huffington Post confirms this in its post Researchers have proved that Tai Chi practices score a point over the standard physical therapies. It helped in reducing depression and in improving the quality of life.

Knee Osteoarthritis
Many people suffer from the disability and inflicting pain caused by knee arthritis. Arthritis is caused by wear and tear that happens to the knee joints due to prolonged usage over the years or maybe due to some accidents. The cartilage that helps in acting as a cushion to the joints is eroded. This causes the bones to rub against each other. It results in growths on the bone named osteophytes. These osteophytes cause severe pain and swellings in the joints and restrict the motion of legs. Thus, the patients start losing balance and mobility making them prone to falls.

Healing Knee Arthritis

Obesity is regarded as one of the major risk factors that can further worsen arthritis in patients. Hence, arthritis patients have to take extra care to reduce their body weight and remain fit. This helps to a great extent in reducing the pain and other side effects of arthritis.

Some of the over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are often observed to fail in relieving the symptoms. In some cases, it was even associated with detrimental side effects like gastrointestinal bleeding, liver damages and damages to the kidney.

Physical Therapy
Most of the medical practitioners prescribe physical therapies for treating arthritis. However, sadly, the benefits of such therapies do not make any noticeable impact in reducing the pain and improving the quality of life. Hence, patients often try to find alternative medications or methods to reduce the severe pain.

Heal With Tai Chi
The search for an alternative treatment for physical therapy ends in Tai Chi. It is a traditional yet multifaceted mind and body Chinese practice that helps in combining the meditation techniques with graceful and gentle, slow movements. It involves relaxation and deep breathing techniques also. It has proved to be effective in reducing the pain of patients suffering from knee arthritis. Various investigations have proved that Tai Chi is extremely effective when compared to physical therapies in reducing the pain and improving the physical functioning of one’s body. It is also proved to help in fighting depression, reducing the use of medications and improving the overall quality of lives of patients suffering from knee arthritis.

Hence, it is proved beyond doubt that Tai Chi plays a crucial role in healing knee arthritis. This is also one of the reasons why Tai Chi has gained popularity nowadays. More and more people resort to this ancient art form for getting relief from knee arthritis.

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