Check Out The Top Tai Chi Websites And Blogs Today!

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March 3, 2018
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Check Out The Top Tai Chi Websites And Blogs Today!


Many Tai Chi websites and blogs provide great information and insight into the famous Tai Chi Chinese martial arts. New websites and blogs are added each day as the Tai Chi keeps on becoming popular and more and more people are drawn to it inspired by the martial arts and its benefits. You can browse – it describes in detail about Tai Chi & Qi Gong and how it works best. The Tai Chi teachers or retreat centers usually create their websites and blogs with the help of top Web Design Companies in their area. Here are some of the noteworthy blogs and websites providing a deep insight into Tai Chi martial arts:

Slanted Flying
This one is a famous Tai Chi blog that keeps updating about four posts every month. It is said to provide detailed information about Tai Chi so much so that it is regarded as one of the best online resource available for Tai Chi enthusiasts.


This one is also a blog that keeps updating about three posts every month. It is known as the best source of information for all those who practice the art of Tai Chi. It is said that there are mainly five major styles of Taijiquan. They are the Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu/Hao, and Wu. They represent and emphasize on profound relaxation, rooting and stability. They are but a bit different in their outlook and have slightly varying applications.

The Tai Chi Notebook
This blog mainly reflects on martial arts, nuances of life and Tai Chi. It was published in May 2008 and posts articles frequently. It posts at least one article every week.

Faulk TaiChi
The term Tai Chi is short for Taijiquan or Tai Chi Ch’uan. The translated meaning of these terms is “The Supreme Ultimate”! This blog focuses on helping the Tai Chi pupils to learn about the art they are doing and understand the meaning of why they need to do it. Thus, it helps the students to delve into the inner meanings of Tai Chi so that they are familiarized with the principles and the real moves of Tai Chi. This understanding helps them to use the ideas in their real life too. The blog began in December 2011. It posts about one post every month.

Best Tai Chi Videos Online
This blog helps you to find some of top Tai Chi videos posted online. Top quality and relevant videos depicting the Tai Chi martial arts posted daily on the internet are all picked by the blog. You can search for the category of videos you need by typing in the search column provided. The blog posted two times every month and had begun in August 2012.

Dr. Paul Lam- Tai Chi Productions, YouTube
A Tai Chi martial art expert and physician, Dr.Paul Lam came up with a program named Tai Chi for Health in coordination with a team of Tai Chi experts. The Tai Chi productions provided user-friendly and easy to learn top-quality books, instructional DVDs, and materials related to it. The blog posts once in every month and had been garnering followers ever since March 2008.

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