A Beginners Resource Guide To Tai Chi

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March 17, 2018
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May 15, 2018

A Beginners Resource Guide To Tai Chi

Learning TaiChi – Then and Now

In earlier times, if you were someone interested in learning Tai Chi, then the first step you had to make was to find an experienced Tai Chi master. The master and disciple relation is not an easy one. The master is always very strict about the practice sessions, and the disciple will have to put in his/her maximum efforts to learn the art. When you become a disciple, first you have to take a formal ceremony for initiating the learning process. Then you have to take your oaths and take the bows or kowtows multiple times. The bows are often too low that you might end up crashing your head on the floor.

However, now, the times have changed, and the strict procedures have also changed. Nowadays, learning Tai Chi is not as difficult as it was in the earlier days. There is a wide range of resources to be used for learning and mastering the art. Here are some of the best resources that can be used by a Tai Chi beginner:

Group of TaiChi learners practicing outdoors

There are many Tai Chi experts conducting classes all over the world. You just need to find the best Tai Chi class in your neighborhood. Most of the community colleges, gyms, YWCA and YMCA offer Tai Chi classes at moderate rates. There are also exclusive Tai Chi schools where you can enroll and start your Tai Chi journey.

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You can organize classes by getting a group of people interested in learning Tai Chi. There are many tutors around who will love to teach this martial art form to a group. While organizing classes, you have to ensure that you have everything covered for the classes to progress smoothly. You will have to get all the resources like UPS and invertors, discs, DVDs, books, etc. for the class. Power shortages can affect the smooth functioning of class in many ways. Hence, try to choose a good quality UPS and inverters.

Stress Management
For comprehensive info, you can check https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/stress-management/in-depth/tai-chi/art-20045184 to know about how regular practice of Tai Chi can help in stress management.

TaiChi Learning Centre

Tai Chi training in community hall powered with inverter batteries from best inverter dealers

Choose An Instructor
Choosing the right instructor is one of the most vital points to be considered while learning Tai Chi. The way the instructor focuses on various principles and his/her way of approach to the art can have a direct impact on the pupil’s learning. It also determines whether your path of learning Tai Chi is a rocky one or a smooth one.

Attend Retreats And Workshops
If you are someone who doesn’t have enough time to attend the Tai Chi classes on a daily basis, then you can opt for the Tai Chi workshops or retreats in your area. Workshops and retreats give the students in-depth knowledge and guidance to Tai Chi. It helps you to focus on the Tai Chi principles and not get diverted by the daily life distractions.

Get help from Books on TaiChi

Before practicing Tai Chi, you need to get a detailed understanding of it. Books can help in this regard. They act as a great supplement to your daily classes. However, never depend solely on a book. You tend to deviate to wrong ways of practicing Tai Chi if you just depend on books. You need to get the guidance of an expert Tai Chi teacher and then use the books to understand more about it.

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