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Westwindtaichi was started with just one aim in mind to promote the martial art form. The sole goal is to do something for the martial art community. Some of the exciting things you can find on our website are information on Tai Chi, kids Tai Chi, best Tai Chi classes in India and a whole lot of blog activities to keep you busy. There is a lot of news on martial art and how it helps both in self-defense and promoting your health. Our ultimate goal is to increase the effectiveness of the training and inspire people to achieve their wellness goal.

The real idea is to exchange ideas from different practitioners across the globe. We do a lot of things here. You are welcome to give your feedback on our comments section, share your insights and experience with your friends on social media site. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by giving us your email id. We send all information about Tai Chi courses, seminars, and other related information right to your inbox. Moreover, we encourage users to join us on social media through the links available at the bottom of the page. Every post on the website comes with a share link, and you are free to share the post with your near and dear.

The website is created for the benefit of those who want to know more about Tai Chi and where you can find the best training in Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru.


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